today is my fifth mensiversary

Yup, mensiversary. Which means two things happend today: I celebrated my fifth month out of the hospital and I learned what a 1-month “anniversary” is called. Technically, I’m supposed to review the past 30 days and take stock of rad things I’ve done. And I’ve been busy so I thought, for my first recognition of the pneumonia mensiversary, I would by new freediving fins. Had I realized how expensive sweet freediving fins can be I might have considered treating myself to dinner or buying 12 pairs of climbing shoes instead. But never mind that; you can’t put a price on happiness. My C4 Falcon 80’s will be here in a week. And yes, they’re carbon fiber. Rad.

Wait, where am I?

Surprise! I’m at work.
But, Elijah, it’s 3:30 in the morning.
That’s right!
And here’s something new I learned about wildfires: they make your power go out. They make your power go out for so long that every server, switch, router and coffee maker at work silently explodes. Ahh, IT… just 1s and 0s, right? What could be so difficult?
Well, the mysteriously named ‘Gap Fire’ went to town on the hills behind my home/work again last night. And despite our best efforts at containment, no matter how much we drank in the front lawn watching the thing, it continued to ravage our neighborhood. At this point I’m qualifying it as big. Possibly ‘way big’.