thanks, everyone

I need to thank everyone who participated in my care at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital, visited me, called or had me in their thoughts while I was not doing so well. This is a whole bunch of people. Without the dedication of the doctors in charge of my treatment, the personal interest every nurse and therapist took in my recovery and the support of friends and family, things would not have turned out so well for me.

Here’s what I look like when I’m totally screwed (and, yes, that’s a Teddy bear under my arm):

This photo was taken early in my hospital visit, during the induced coma. My neck is swollen because fluid has moved all around under my skin. I forget why.

Here, I’m still on the ventilator. I forget this nurse’s name because I was high as hell on morphine, which I feel terrible for because she had an especially huge impact. She was there for much of my time in the Critical Care Unit and, though her name was lost in my delirium, her passionate dedication to my recovery is clear.
More photos of me with the hospital staff – they’re all rad. This isn’t everyone. Way more people helped me but here’s who my mom got pictures of:

Me with my dad and Maiya (I’m the one who looks dead).

Here’s me trying to walk after waking up from the coma. I remember it didn’t go so well. Notice the walker and the therapist holding me up.

Having Maiya here was critical. I remember being asleep and fighting to get back to see her.

Here’s me with my mom:

Here’s all the photos from my hospital trip:

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