Yeah fun last night on your property my animal though we’re trying to reach HI.

If you want to make getting phone calls not suck get Google Voice and enable the Voicemail Transcripts feature. It’s priceless. It’s like discovering an exotic island, teaching the natives to speak English real quick, then having them text you complex messages.

I had another go at an 18-minute hangboard routine yesterday. It was rad. That is, I finished it this time, and it felt not like death. My skin felt bad, I’m sure from a proper Tuesday at the Shed, but most of that went away after ~6 minutes. This was not a majorly pumpy ordeal to my surprise. There was moderate pumpination happening but nothing out of control. The short load/small hold sets felt easy while the long load/big hold sets were grueling – an observation I will take into account for today’s session.


today’s weight: 176.4 lbs

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