first water, 200s galore

I did some 200m freestyle today, on the 4:00, trying to find a good pace for my 1000m free on Monday. My last 200 of the set was good. I’m almost at the point where I’ve pushed hard enough to force my body to adapt to the fatigue with a more efficient stroke. Near the end of this set I concentrated on keeping my leading arm out longer, elbows high, and catching closer to my lead arm. Despite how tired I was it was easier and faster. And that’s the point.
da numbers:

  • 150m easy free
  • 5 x 200m free @ 4:00
    • 1st time: 3:22
    • 2nd time: 3:32
    • 3rd time: 3:32
    • 4th time: 3:32
    • 5th time: 3:25
      • got tired but went faster at the end – good stroke
  • 150m easy free
  • 200m fly kick

total distance: 1500m

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