back on familiar ground

Last week I finished Hard Boiled, so this week we returned to Owl Tor. I missed her. She’s even better than I remembered. I spent 3 weeks back at Mr. Lee’s, the last 2 never going to the Tor. But things are back to normal now. I went with Andy and Micah. Phil was dealing with the aftermath of the Tea Fire, Santa Barbara’s latest installment of epic wildfire nastiness. I got on Atreyu (5.13b). Phil hates that name. I got it from The Never Ending Story, which I feel is appropriate because it climbs like the never ending route. As long as Phil hates it, I will never stop calling it Atreyu. He’s probably voting for something stupid that’s friggin’ 9 words long and references some obscure Chinese film that only he and 3 other rippers have ever watched. Anywayz, Atreyu blew my mind with how good it is. At the end is a big throw to a crimp two moves from the chains. That really makes things exciting. I’m seriously way psyched on it and can’t wait to get back there this Saturday. Oh, and I got on Shatter Hand. It still sucks.

da numbers:

  1. Power of Eating (5.11d) – redpoint
  2. Auto Magic (5.12a) – redpoint
  3. Atreyu (5.13b) – 1 take at the last clip
  4. Atreyu – 1 fall at the long move up top
  5. Shatter Hand (5.12d) – bolt-to-bolt
  6. Shatter Hand – 1 take at the last clip

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