first water

Felt good this morning. Finally. This week has been alternating days of good and bad. IMs had me breathing like a maniac but I stayed loose and kept good form; good for me, anyway. Even butterfly is starting to feel good. Not so good that I can finish two lengths with 1-to-1 kick, but better than days past, maybe better than ever.
da numbers:

  • 2 x 100yd free
  • 2 x 100yd free/zipperswitch
  • 100yd fly kick
  • 16 x 50yd IM alternating laps @ 1:30
    • first 3 sets of 4 x 50 IM, fly lap, was 2-to-1 kick
    • last fly lap I died 10yd from the wall on the way back
    • this whole set was hard, from beginning to end
    • last 50 free was fast, right at 30 sec – shoulders felt loose, arms were catching quick
  • 200yd fly kick
  • 4 x 50yd fly/back alternating lengths @ 1:30
  • 300yd breast/fly kick
  • 400yd apnea drill w/ short fins

total distance: 2400yd

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