Painted Cave

Because it’s one of the few local bouldering spots not touched by the Gap Fire, Painted Cave was my best option for a quick evening session after work yesterday. And it reminded me how far I have yet to go to be a good boulderer. I’m maybe the wussiest person I know when it comes to topping out high stuff. It’s pathetic. Heavy Traffic, or whatever the variation I got on is called, had me bailing out at the mantle. Yeah, the mantle, just like the mantle that sits on top of almost every boulder problem in the world. And because of a little height, that really wasn’t even that bad, I didn’t finish the thing. Then I bailed off the top of whatever V-jugs is accross the road. Impressive, No? Note to self: stop being a pansie. You promised Mom you wouldn’t go back to the hospital this year and that’s fine. Don’t fall. You won’t fall because it’s not hard, you’re just being a pansie.

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