first water

Rowdy Gaines appeared on my TV yesterday to talk about his gold medal performance in the 100m freestyle at the ’84 Olympic Games. Rad. Though I won’t be competing at Beijing this year I get psyched hearing about these Olympians, their training and competitive drive. And with that thought I went to the UCSB pool this morning. Rowdy would not have been impressed, though this is a substantial improvement for me. 200s on the 5 minute, my longest sets to date, had me coming in just over 3:00 and breathing like a football fan.

  • warm up
    • 2 x 100 free
  • 5 x 200 free @ 5:00
    • Coming in between 3:00 – 3:05.
  • 8 x 25 free kick
  • 8 x 25 fly kick w/ short fins, no breathe

Being in the water, especially first thing of the day, is ultra rad. Why I ever stopped swimming is beyond my comprehension.


  1. or, how about:maybe because girls that look like micah’s girlfriend are 1 out of 100, and the other 99 look like they are in the swimsuit segment of the Roseanne Barr lookalike pageant?

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