first wood

I met Justin and Andy at the shed this morning for campusing. This is the first day in 2 or 3 weeks I did some moves. After much three- and four-finger warming up on the big and round/flat rungs I spent most of my time four-fingering the round/flats with interspersed two-finger hangs. This turned out being kind of a lot of moves. My two-finger strength is feeling good lately. No moves yet but a lot of hangs on both the small incut and round/flat rungs. A lot of staggered hangs too, some 4-1. Since my elbow felt surprisingly good I went through the 1-5 combinations on the round/flats four-fingered, missing once on my right hand trying 1-4-5 but did it next go. I felt heavy, maybe because I am now 180lbs, and not as strong as I would have thought with this much rest and recent campus board static work. This makes me think hangs on the board are not very effective.

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  1. I’m still worked from our weekend power cranking. You probably are too, and remember, swimming works your pulling muscles, so it will have a short term detrimental effect on your pulling power. However, my guess is that it will create more strength long term. Hangs are good for…. hangs.Moves are good for moves….moves.I bet those hangs will help improve your ability to clip off small holds etc, and they undeniably help teach your body how to hit moves on the board. I’m sort of jealous that I didn’t get first wood this morning. Way to crank.

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