water, not first

I went swimming with Micah and Bridget today. It was, of course, rad. Got a late start, 1:00 PM, due in part to a late night, and it’s Sunday. If you don’t like chicks smoking you in the pool, don’t take 10 years off and don’t swim with Bridget. She’s fast. I did, however, swim a mile today. That was a goal. And I swam long course, the 50m UCSB pool. 100s long course kicked my ass. I was struggling through the 10 x 100, STRU-GLED. Then Micah and I did some breath hold work in the 17ft dive tank. To my pleasant surprise I worked my feeble lungs up to 65 second static holds. Micah had a couple 2 minute dives. On what was maybe his first real attempt at static apnea this is awesome.
Here’s the numbers:

  • warm up
    • 100 free
  • 10 x 100 @ 3:00 free
    • First 5 were hard, real hard. Breathing was labored, real labored. I was coming in between 1:40 and 1:50.
    • Second 5 I used fins, shorty swim fins that is. These were fun and I think the extra speed is good training for form. I concentrated on stretching out my pull, smoothing out my streamline.
  • 100 breast
    • Got cramps in both quads. Had to stop halfway back.
  • 4 x 100 dolphin kick drills

Today is for you, Bob. Though not undeniably heterosexual this is clearly an improvement.

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