Pine Mountain, so divine.

“Let me lay it on the line, I’ve got two on the vine.
Two sets of testicles, so divine.”
George Washington rap

Anyways, I went to Pine Mountain last weekend. Rad. You know how occasionally there’s this one boulder problem you love for whatever reason. Sometimes no one else even likes it. But there’s just something about your movement on it or the feel of the holds that float your boat. Well, almost all the problems I got on at Pine were like that. And I think everyone feels that way about Pine. So, I’m saying it was rad.

The air, however, was not rad. It’s at like 7,000 feet, which kicked ass on my po’ widdle lungs. 🙁 (sad face). It kinda reminded me of gasping breaths during my hospital stint. Not comforting. But probably good for me.

Mary cranks, by the way. This was her last trip before moving to Virginia this month. Not rad. She was just runnin’ up to boulders like “… what’s this? he he he… Oops, I just cranked it…”. And it was V-hard something. I’m waiting for her to suggest we put a little money on her sends. She’s totally building me up for a hustle. Sucks she’s leaving. Virginia’s stupid.

check it: Pine Mountain photos

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