tons o’ fun

Saturday was hot. Real hot. And excruciating. Excruciating because not only was the weather extra hot but Phil and I got on a bunch of routes in quick succession. I joined Phil on his quest for better endurance. We each did 8 laps. Though not a ton of volume the heat made it seem totally epic. We also got on No Skill (5.12c), the variation from Pro Skill (5.12d) to Chips Ahoy (5.12d), as part of our send-athon. This was my first time on it. It’s OK. We then proceeded to send almost nothing. After warming up on Power of Eating (5.11d) and When the Sea Doesn’t Want You (5.12a) the only other redpoint was from Phil, once, on Hell of the Upside Down Sinners (5.12b). Pretty poor performances from 2 purported 5.13 climbers. I blame much of this on the heat as Phil put down 12 laps the previous week. I’m actually not completely bummed about the day because the effort exhausted me. Any training that painful has to be good for you.
Marcela was back this weekend. I was psyched about that. And I think she was too. She lead for the first time at the Tor, on Power, and looked leagues better than on previous top rope burns. Mary was back as well, working things out on Power, looking close to a redpoint. Everyone had a good time – nice try, Tor.

Marcela on Power of Eating (5.11d)

Me on Old Pro Skill (5.12d)

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