just like the old days

It was just Phil and me at the Tor on Saturday. Just like how it used to be. For years. And it was rad. We did a lot of climbing in not much time. I did 8 laps, Phil I think did 12, maybe 8 redpoints. I redpointed Better Than Chips (5.12d) for the first time. Super rad route. Instead of the stupid top moves on Chips Ahoy (5.12d), Better Than opts for a dyno (that does not suck) in to Better Than Life (5.13c), then finishes on those chains. The dyno comes right after the obvious rest and it’s brilliant. All the Chips variations are genious – Better Than Chips, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (5.13a), and Atreyu (5.13b). To do these 3 variations in a day would constitute a Chips Triple Crown, which I’m thinking about trying this summer. That will take a truly fit person. Ideally, I will become that fit person during my attempts.

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