so many routes, so little time

I’ve been climbing a lot lately. A lot. And I gotta say… it’s been rad. This whole ‘never working’ thing is great. Case in point: I went to the Tor Saturday, Firecrags Sunday, and the Tor again Monday. And the two weeks prior I was lifting, climbing, running, and “stuff” every day, usually two and three times a day. I put in two burns both Tor days on Better Than Chips, falling a total of four times after the Chips jugs, and I feel like I’ve climbed a whole lotta Chips. My body feels like a chew toy and I love it. In the bad news department, I may have to return to work Monday. I know, I know – no one wants that less than me. I’m working on a couple schemes to avoid the grind so hopefully I’ll pull another month of unemployment. A guy’s gotta dream.

The rad dyno on the Chips Ahoy (5.12d) variation in to Better Than Life (5.13c), Better Than Chips (5.12d).The longest clip I’ve ever done. Step 1: get the quickdraw off my harness.

Step 2: Put the draw on the hanger.
Step 3: Bite the rope.
Step 4: Clip the draw.
Step 5: Get chalk (because this stupid clip just pumped me).
Step 6: Finish the route.

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