couches make Austrians stronger

Phil, Brian, Hawk and I met Chris at Mr. Lee’s Saturday. This was my fifth day projecting Hard Boiled and, as expected, I have begun to loathe its very essence. Although, I did make progress. My right hand exceeded my previous high-point by about 18 inches, which by my calculations puts me on track to realize a redpoint within 30 years. Chris also has cultivated a relationship with Hard Boiled so I was interested to see how his day would go. Apparently, if you’re Austrian you can sit on your couch for months until you feel like cranking, and your strength is increased exponentially. Frickin’ Chris. Either he’s hustling me or he’s just a freak (read: Austrian). All I hear from him is how much he’s been working (at a desk, in a chair), dominating Sizzler everyday for lunch and generally kickin’ it in Valencia. So imagine my surprise when he shows up to Mr. Lee’s and ravages Hard Boiled. My fifth day, his first and he just cranks up to my high-point like it’s boring. What a dick. Anyways, genetics aside, I believe next weekend will produce some impressive redpoint failures. Chris, Paul and I are linking from the ground to the crux, which is slightly run-out and known to produce photogenic catastrophes. I should have video to share next week.

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