Wednesday, week 2

I rested Wednesday and lifted the following day. This was due to a problem I noticed in my right shoulder when I woke up Wednesday. There is a sharp pain between and below my anterior and medial deltoid when I raise my arm above shoulder level. So, I went to see Kevin Brown at Elite Performance & Rehabilitation Center. As usual, Kevin worked his magic. He described my condition as impingement due to a disproportianately strong chest and deltoids. I am to start a pain management regimine, involving rest, ice and stretching. Before leaving his office, Kevin had me go through some stretches, pulled my shoulders back with McConnel tape and iced my shoulder.

Today I took things real easy – 2×10 at 60% max on the flat bench, and that’s it. My shoulder felt OK during my lifts and about the same the following morning. I’m not supposed to lift at all according to Kevin but if I can go through the motions at a light weight such as this, without aggravating my shoulder worse, I believe I will save myself volumes of work later on. The key here being “withouth aggravating my shoulder worse”, and I feel my injury is mild enough that I can do this.

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