it’s getting hot in hurr

Santa Barbara bouldering poster boy, and fellow Owl Tor aficionado, Brian Spiering peeped these photos of our area’s iconic bouldering locale, West Camino Cielo, up in flames last night. At about 6:00 yesterday evening things got bright up in the hills behind our domiciles, prompting Brian’s and my neighborhood to be on alert for evacuation.… Continue reading it’s getting hot in hurr

crankin’ scary style

Sonnie Trotter Repeats – June 10, 2008“Writing on his blog on June 6, he said, “Rhapsody may be an eliminate, but…there is a tremendous amount of logic behind what Dave did, and that deserves a pile of respect, I think…. The only rule is don’t bail left to the arete (a cop-out), stay on… Continue reading crankin’ scary style

opinion on Pistorius

‘Blade Runner’ ruling subverts nature of sport – May 22, 2008 “What if further study does show that Pistorius can run faster because his artificial Cheetah blades work better than legs? Should he or others be kept out of competitions involving able-bodied persons?”

…and in other paralympic news

Amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius allowed to compete in Beijing Times Online – May 16, 2008 “Oscar Pistorius, a double-amputee sprinter known as the fastest man on no legs, will be allowed to compete at the Beijing Olympics after a ban on his prosthetic limbs was overturned today.”